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Heldal unit
Heldal unit

Heldal unit


Accessory designed for viscosity measurements of non-flowing substances. In these materials the visco- sity cannot be measured by standard methods and spindles due to cavitation effect around the spindle.

We recommend using the HELDAL unit and T-bar spindles for comparative measurements on non- flowing substances.

A Fungilab viscometer is mounted on the Heldal unit, and it restricts measuring head to smoothly run up and down within pre-established limits, allowing cons- tant contact between T-bar spindle and test sample thanks to the helical line described.

Viscometer type Measuring Range (cP)
R 2,490 - 33.300.000
H 19,500 - 260.000.000

Easy to use, install and clean.

Supplied with motor, 6 T-shaped spindles and carrying case.

Compatible with all FUNGILAB rotational viscometers.

Creams - Gels

Pastes - Gelatin

Other non-flowing substances.

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