Thermovisc B150-B125 (110v-220v)

Thermostatic Baths

Fungilab is a company that manufactures laboratory instruments such as Viscosity , Viscometer Cup , Viscometer , Thin Layer Chromatography, Rotational Viscometers , Viscosity Sensor , Thin Layer Chromatography Tanks , Ultrasonic Cleaners, and Thermostatic Baths.

FUNGILAB, S.A. was founded in 1983, initialy as a company devoted to import and market consumables and laboratory material to the Spanish territory. In 1992 the company technical knowledge and the market trends led us to be manufacturers. Starting with the Thin Layer Chromatography tanks, and following with rotational viscometers and accessories.

As it is our company policy, FUNGILAB, S.A. is always researching to improve our production range as well as to launch new Thermostatic Baths products to the market.

FUNGILAB, S.A. is selling Thermostatic Baths worldwide through a wide net of specialized dealers to ensure the appropriate technical and sales support.

Fungilab Viscometers, TLC's and baths are certified for all of the international standard prodedurals BS, ISO and ASTM like: BS 6075, BS 5350, ISO 2555, ISO 1652, ASTM 115, ASTM 789, ASTM 1076, ASTM 1084, ASTM 1286, ASTM 1417, ASTM 1439, ASTM 1824, ASTM 2196, ASTM 2336, ASTM 2364, ASTM 2393, ASTM 2669, ASTM 2849, ASTM 2983, ASTM 2994, ASTM 3232, ASTM 3236 and ASTM 3716.

Product Description

Thermovisc B150

Digitally controlled immersion Thermostats


The following parameters can be configured and shown on the LCD display:
    • Temperature:
      • Maximum and minimum temperature limits. Heating element made of stainless steel INCOLOY resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments.
      • Circulation Pump with adjustable flow rate suitable for external temperature control for Viscometers, polarimeters and refractometers, etc.
      • Cooling coil to maintain ambient temperatures using tap water.
    • Select °C or °F
    • Display resolution 0.1 °C
    • External temperature (Probe). External temperature control connection using a Pt 100 probe.
    • Over temperature set limits for alarm.
    • Calibration Low liquid level indicator.
RS-232 interface for computer control or printing data. External metal case coated in a corrosive resistant epoxy. All parts in contact with liquid are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Maximum working volume to maintain temperature: 20 litres. A clamp and finger screw attach the unit to the tank, alternatively the extendible support bridge accessory can be used. Minimum depth of the tank: 14cm.

Beaker inox support for 12L
Beaker inox support for 20L
Stainless Steel 9L tank
Stainless Steel 12L tank
Stainless Steel 20L tank

Code Model Range Material
B150B12S* THERMOVISC B150-B12S (220V) Heating Bath with cap: 12L. (enviroment +5 to 150)°C S.S. 308, 316
B150B12S-US* THERMOVISC B150-B12SUS (110V) Heating Bath with cap: 12L. (enviroment +5 to 150)°C S.S. 308, 316
B150B20S* THERMOVISC B150-B20S (220V) Heating Bath with cap: 20 L. (enviroment +5 to 150)°C S.S. 308, 317
B150B20S-US* THERMOVISC B150-B20SUS (110V) Heating Bath with cap: 20 L. (enviroment +5 to 150)°C S.S. 308, 317

*Thermostatic bath, two beakers support, instruction manual,power cable, and recirculation hose

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