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ISO 2431 Flow Cup Viscometers

The cups can be supplied separately or with an adjustable stand that includes a precision level and an overflow glass draw plate.


Flow cup viscometers provide kinematic viscosity data. The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds (s) flow time when the fluid is flowing through an orifice at a specified temperature. Thanks to the conversion equations the viscosity is calculated from the flow time to centistokes (cSt). The calibration certificates are supplied with the cups. According to the standards, there are several viscosity ranges available from 5 cSt. Flow cups made of anodized aluminium body with a stainless steel orifice. Ensuring the accuracy of the test results, FUNGILAB recommends a periodic calibration check. You can check the viscosity results using the standard oils specially manufactured for these kind of viscometers (available under request), or sending the instrument to our calibration laboratories. Industries like paint, ink, varnishes and similar products use this very easy to use flow cups to quickly calculate the viscosity.
Code Model Bore ømm Viscosity Range (cSt)
FCI003 Flow Cup Viscometer 3 ISO 2431 3 5 to 42
FCI004 Flow Cup Viscometer 4 ISO 2431 3 35 to 135
FCI005 Flow Cup Viscometer 5 ISO 2431 5 100 to 350
FCI006 Flow Cup Viscometer 6 ISO 2431 6 190 to 680
Software CALVISC 1.0
The CALVISC software will be included with the acquisition of any cup viscometer with no additional cost. This software will allow the customer to calculate the viscosity of the sample once the "cup model" and "time" parameters are entered. The software will also indicate the customer if it is within the appropriate range or not.

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